Sustainable laundry

Six easy day-to-day habits for a sustainable laundry



Wash your clothes only if necessary.

Don’t wash your clothes too often. Remove stains manually, and air the clothes to freshen up after each use.


Reduce your washing temperatures.

The lower the wash temperature, the greater the savings!



Natural drying is energy free.

By hang drying your laundry you save energy, and your clothes will stay in shape and even last longer too.


Save (your) energy: iron only when necessary.

Remove clothes from the washing machine and hang dry them as soon as the wash cycle has finished to minimise creasing. Take your (hang) dried laundry with you into the bathroom while showering – often the steam smooth out creases and folds.


Dry Cleaning

Use professional cleaning when recommended.

Professional cleaning – when recommended – is crucial to maintain the quality of your product and can extend its lifespan.

Use the right dose of detergent.

Using too much detergent can result in residue-laden and uncomfortable clothes. This is unfriendly for the planet !


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