More professional cleaning tips

Professional cleaning – when recommended – is crucial to maintain the quality of your product and can extend its lifespan.

Recommendations and tips

Keep the care label on your textile, do not cut it, to help your professional cleaner to better take care of it and choose the right cleaning process between dry and wet cleaning.

Two types of professional cleaning processes can take care of your textiles: “Dry cleaning” professionals who use specific recommended solvents (represented by symbols P or F). “Wet cleaning” professionals who use water, specific washing processes (chosen temperatures, laundry soaps, spin-drying speeds etc.) and tumbler drying process, depending on your textile.

Do not remove the care label from your garment! It also provides professional cleaners with precious information on your product’s composition and the brand’s care instructions.

Bulky textile products (eiderdown for instance) or products that exceed the loading capacity of a household washing machine should be cleaned professionally. For example, a professional wet cleaning process can then be used.

Different dry cleaning solvents are available on the market to maintain your product’s quality and extend its lifespan.

Good to know...

Textiles labelled with a “P” can also be cleaned with Hydrocarbons, labelled “F”. The so-called “F” process is gentler with textiles. Many textiles that cannot be washed in a regular household washing machine or that cannot be dry cleaned professionally, can be processed successfully by wet cleaning.

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