More eco-temperature tips

Keep it cool! Reduce your washing temperature! Dropping 60°C to 30°C considerably increases your energy savings. The numbers in the bath tub symbol on your care labels indicate the highest temperature permitted without compromising a garment’s quality. However, most detergents and modern washing machines clean your laundry just as well on lower temperatures. If your clothes require a more thorough cleaning, you will have to wash at least at 60°C. temperatures

Use an appropriate laundry product in the quantity recommended by the manufacturer.

Also, make sure you don’t overload your machine. For a modern washing machine, use the appropriate program. To extend the life of your washing machine, it is also necessary to wash from time to time (weekly or monthly depending on your wash frequency) at 60°C with a general-purpose powder detergent.

Always follow the textile care instructions. Before washing, pre-sort laundry according to the degree of soiling, type of treatment (washing temperature), colour and, if no care label is provided, according to the fibre content indicated.

Do pay attention to the information on special treatments for delicate fibres. Pre-treat stains or heavily soiled garments and check colourfastness in advance.

Empty pockets. Close buttons and zips. Turn clothes inside out.

Set the appropriate washing program according to the care symbol (normal process, mild process, gentle process).

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