General terms and conditions of use

The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “GTCU”) is to define the terms and conditions of access to and use of the site (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) by the user.
These GTCU, as set out below, apply to the use of the website hosted in France and accessible at or via an app. on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer (hereinafter the “Site”).


"Creation(s)": All texts, comments, titles, photographs, sounds, images, data, drawings, animated sequences with or without sound, videos, software, and illustrations appearing on the Site.
"Marks": brands, distinctive signs and/or logos, maintenance symbols, ...
"Site Owner": This Site is the property of GINETEX, the International Textile Care Labelling Group.
"Features": refers to all the Features provided to registered or unregistered Users, accessible via the Site, in their current and future versions, as well as any changes they may undergo.
"Site": refers to the site accessible from the URL or any other URL that may be substituted for it.
"User(s)": refers to any person who uses the Site or any of the services offered on the Site.

Acceptance and modification of the GTCU

Access to and use of the Site are subject to acceptance of and compliance with the GTCU. By browsing this Site, you are presumed, in your capacity as User, to be familiar with the GTCU and to accept them unreservedly.
Due to the evolving nature of the Site and the Features offered, we may modify the GTCU. You are therefore advised to refer to the latest version of the GTCU, which can be accessed at any time on the Site, before browsing.

How to access the Site and its functions

The Site is accessible free of charge to any User with Internet access.
The services offered by the Site include, but are not limited to:
- finding out the meaning of the GINETEX care symbols;
- answering a quiz,
- accessing a range of information and advice on the care of textile products for the general public;
- finding out what's happening in the world of textile care.

Personal data

For information on the processing of your personal data, please refer to the Privacy Policy page.

Intellectual and industrial property - copyright

The Site constitutes a work protected by the laws in force on intellectual property.

No provision of these GTCU, nor access to the Site and/or Services, implies any transfer of title to the Know-How or any other intellectual and/or industrial property right of GINETEX to the User. No right or licence in respect of any patent application, patent or any other property right is granted, directly or indirectly, to the User hereunder.

The User may therefore not claim any right on or relating to the Know-How or any other intellectual and/or industrial property right of GINETEX and shall refrain from infringing it, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly.

The content of the Site, and in particular the sounds, images, photographs, videos, writings, texts, animations, programmes, graphic charter, utilities, databases, software, etc. are protected by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code and belong to GINETEX.

The Site and its content are protected under the French Intellectual Property Code, in particular by copyright, design rights and trademark rights.

All other rights are reserved.

Users expressly agree not to upload, download, copy, modify, adapt, distort, integrate, publish, register, send, transmit or make available any content that infringes any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual and/or industrial property rights. In particular, Users undertake not to download any Data placed online or made accessible by GINETEX, directly or indirectly, on the Site, with the exception of those expressly indicated as downloadable by GINETEX.

Users undertake to respect the intellectual property rights of third parties, in whatever form, including any code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.).

Without limiting the scope of the other provisions hereof, the name "GINETEX", logos, the Site, domain names, names, and all other trademarks and/or trade names contained on the Site are trademarks, trade names or service marks of GINETEX (collectively, the "Marks").

The User undertakes not to display or use, in any way, any of the Marks, without the prior written consent of GINETEX All other third party trademarks, service marks, logos and trade names appearing on the Site are the property of their respective owners. No transfer or grant of rights under the Marks is made or shall be implied by any provision of these GTCU or by any other provision contained on the Site, and all rights in the Marks are reserved by GINETEX or the respective owners.

Liability of the User

Users are solely responsible for their use of the Site and, as applicable, the Services.

Users expressly acknowledge that use of the Site and/or its services is at their sole risk. The data obtained when using the Site and/or its services is provided "as is" and is made available without any other guarantee, representation, condition or undertaking other than legal and regulatory guarantees.
The User undertakes not to use the Site to commit any unlawful act that may infringe the rights and interests of third parties, or that may damage, overload, disable, discredit, or destroy the Site. Similarly, the User undertakes not to commit any act or action on this Site that may tarnish the name and image of the Site Owners, their Marks and/or logos, and those and/or those of their partners.
The User undertakes not to send or transmit by any means whatsoever any content that is illegal, infringes the rights of third parties, is manifestly unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, constitutes harassment, defamatory, insulting, vulgar, obscene, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, racist, in any way prejudicial to minors or otherwise reprehensible, and guarantees the Site Owners in this respect.
All Users undertake to comply in general with the rules of conduct accepted on the Internet and in particular to :
- respect the usual rules of courtesy;
- respect the theme of the site and write all messages in clear, legible terms;
- refrain from collecting, storing and/or disseminating the personal data of others or from disseminating their personal data without authorisation;
- not to engage in "spamming" activities, i.e. sending the same messages several times to numerous other users;
- not to distribute or use computer programs with destructive functions, such as viruses, worm programs, Trojan horses or robots designed to scroll or display multiple screens, or any other activity designed to disrupt online communication;
- not to use the Site for commercial purposes, in particular for promotional purposes, and, in general, not to offer products and services for direct or indirect remuneration.
Some of the Site's Features enable Users to share content on social networks and/or with their contacts by sending it by e-mail. The User is solely responsible for such sharing and sending, in particular as regards sending content to minors or using the e-mail addresses of their contacts.
Within the scope of its intervention and subject to the information processed and/or stored, GINETEX is responsible for processing personal data.

Use of advice

Any use of the advice published on the Site is the sole responsibility of the User.
The Site Owner does not guarantee the results of the use of the advice or other information disseminated on the Site, nor that it will meet the expectations of Internet users or others or that the results will be accurate and reliable.
Consequently, GINETEX cannot be held liable in this respect.

Responsibility of the Site Owners

We use all reasonable means at our disposal to ensure quality access to the Site and/or the Features. The Site is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of force majeure or the occurrence of an event beyond our control, and subject to any breakdowns and maintenance operations necessary for the smooth running of the Site. Furthermore, we cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of the network and/or servers or any other event beyond our control, which may prevent or impair access to the Site and/or the Features.
We reserve the right, at any time, to modify or interrupt, temporarily or permanently, all or part of this Site and/or the Features, without prior notice, in order to carry out maintenance, or for any other reason, without the interruption giving rise to any obligation or compensation. Within the limits of what is authorised by law, the Site Owners give no guarantee, implicit or explicit, concerning the operation and/or content of the Site, and in particular concerning the tips and other advice on the Site, which are provided for information purposes only. The Site Owners may not be held liable for any damage, direct or indirect, commercial or otherwise, resulting from the use of the Site, the information contained on the Site or elements beyond their control, and in particular for any damage that may be suffered by your technical environment such as your mobile browsers, software, equipment, networks (modems, telephone, etc.) and any equipment used to access or use the Site, as well as your personal property.

Hypertext links

Unless otherwise provided, links to other sites require prior written authorisation from the Site Owners. The Site may provide the User and third parties with links to other sites or other Internet sources.
The Site Owners do not control these sites and cannot be held responsible or bear any liability for the content, advertising, products, services, or any other material available on these third-party sites.
The Site Owners shall not be held liable for any damage and/or loss, whether actual or alleged, arising out of or in connection with the use of or reliance on the content of third party sites or the goods and services available on such third party sites.
The User is responsible for and bears all risks relating to the use they make of the content of the Site, in particular when he relies on the timeliness, usefulness or completeness of this content. If a link leads the User to illicit content, in breach of French law, the User must interrupt their consultation of the site concerned or they will incur the penalties provided for by French law or is liable for legal action taken against the User. In this case, we invite the User to immediately inform the Site Owners and the competent authorities.

Conservation and Archiving

The Site Owners will keep or have kept on their behalf, for archiving purposes, a copy of the content transmitted via the Site in its computer systems, in compliance with the rules applicable in this respect.

Applicable law - Miscellaneous

These terms and conditions are governed by French law.
If you use the Site outside French territory, you assume full responsibility and undertake to comply with local laws in force. Any claim relating to this Site and/or its use is governed by French law. You agree that any legal proceedings, directly or indirectly related to this Site, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the French courts.
The Site Owners reserve the right to take legal action against persons acting in a manner that may be considered illegal or unlawful or in breach of these conditions.
If any of the clauses of these terms of use are found to be unlawful, void and/or unenforceable, the remaining clauses shall remain unaffected.
These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and the Site Owners with respect to all aspects of your use of this Site.


In the event of a complaint and/or in the event of any dispute or difference, the User undertakes to seek an amicable solution with the person to whom they are speaking, before taking the matter to court and/or the authorities.

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