How much detergent to use to clean your laundry efficiently?

Throughout the year, suggests good practices to care for your textiles.

How we care for our textiles represents 40% of their environmental impact. Laundry plays a great part in the life of a garment, which is why it is worth paying particular attention to this step by changing our habits and adopting new routines. To this end, shares its best practices, throughout the year, to help you preserve and care for your textiles in a more eco-responsible way.

Don't overpour!

Too much detergent causes your washing machine to consume more energy. Too much detergent can even clog your drum and eventually cause your washing machine to overheat.

Using the correct dose is more cost-effective: it helps limit the amount of water, energy, and detergent, while preserving the quality of the fibers that make up your garment.

Refer to the use instructions on the label at the back of your detergent. The label indicates how to obtain the best results while optimizing resources.

How do you know how many washes you can do with your detergent?

The “laundry basket” symbol on your detergent’s packaging indicates the number of washes you can do in all, for a 4.5 kg capacity machine, using moderately hard water and for normally soiled laundry. However, for effective and optimal washing, refer to the instructions on the back of your detergent’s packaging to adjust the dose to your washing machine’s capacity, to the quality of your water and to how dirty your laundry is.

Detergent manufacturers have launched increasingly concentrated products. In two decades, the dose of detergent required for washing has gone from 155 ml to 55 ml! Refer to your detergent’s instructions to use the right dose and make sure you optimize how you care for your clothing.

What are the 3 compartments in the washing machine for?

The Roman numeral “I” indicates prewash. This step helps you deal with persistent stains before washing.

The Roman numeral “II” is for liquid or powder detergent. You may also choose to place a dosing ball or a liquid detergent capsule directly into your washing machine drum.

The clover symbol is for the water softener. You may want to use a standard fabric softener or choose natural fabric softeners like white vinegar.


For more tips on the use of detergents, visit this page.

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